Hypnotherapy is really effective in making rapid change.

So what is 'hypnosis'?  There are many misconceptions but think of it like taking out the outdated 'app' and replacing it with one that serves you better.  For example, the old 'app' might be about comfort eating and new one is about healthy eating choices.  Or it might be about installing the confident, positive app in place of the self-doubting version. 

Have you ever read a story and become so engrossed that you lose yourself in those pages?  Or been watching a movie and felt as though you were actually there?  That is trance - otherwise known as hypnosis - it is a totally natural state. 

Whilst experiencing 'trance' or hypnosis, your mind remains active and alert.  You will hear and remember much of what is said, just like any conversation or presentation. Sometimes you will be highly focused on what I am saying and at other times your mind will wander.  Hypnosis feels different to everyone - for some it feels heavy and relaxing and for others it is more a light, floaty sensation - and for some it feels like sitting in a chair or lying on the sofa!  All you need to do is listen to my voice and imagine what I describe.

A typical hypnotherapy session will begin with a chat about what you want to achieve, looking at the impact that whatever it is, is having on your life and what life will be like when you have  made the desired  changes. 

We may discuss triggers and what is motivating you now to make the changes.  We may also discuss the overall context of your issue. All this helps you gain greater clarity and focus and ensures that I am very clear on specifically what it is you want to achieve.  I can then identify the appropriate tools and techniques to support you which I then share with you.

The session will finish with the actual hypnosis. A recording of this will be made and sent to you - or you can record it on your own phone.  Sometimes you only need the one session to help you 'reset' or you come back and we go through a second session to really cement in a new habit - or to reset another habit you want to change  Again, this is recorded so you have it for future use.

It may take as little as 1 or two sessions for you to get the outcome you want in these situations.

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Tracey is a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist.