Stress and Anxiety Management

Learn how to reset the balance, to feel calm and to relax.....

Modern life can often be exhausting and stressful.  It can be difficult to switch off and the more we try, the worse it gets.Worrying about what might go wrong, feelings of impending doom or a constant monologue from our 'internal critic' telling us what we are doing wrong or what disaster might happen.  This can impact on sleep, our physical health and on relationships.

Stress is not just 'in your mind'.  It is part of a circuit....something will trigger the thought 'this is not safe'...the thought might be conscious or unconscious.

The trigger may well be a real danger in which case the reaction is helpful.  Or the trigger may be an email, a phone call, someone looking at you in a certain way that, in reality, is not life-threatening.  You, however, have been 'programmed' to perceive it as a  real threat.  So the alarm goes off.

Various chemicals and hormones are released into your system - adrenalin, cortisol and a host of others.  So now you feel anxious, panicked.  Your heart beats faster.  Your breathing quickens.  You can't think straight.  The feelings reinforce the whole cycle.  Something must be wrong, right?  Not is just a case of your internal alarm being set on a hair-trigger.  Your body is trying to keep you safe - just like the caveman watching out for tigers.  Unfortunately when this is happening all the time, resources are being diverted from other systems in your body - such as digestion and immunity.

We may  end up living our life in the past, beating ourselves up for what we did or didn't do;  or the future, worrying about what 'might' happen; and  we forget to enjoy the present moment.  It becomes a habitual way of thinking.

Once we start going over something in our imagination it can trigger anxiety.  This, of course, is not helped by all the messages we get everyday from social media, the news, marketing and the general environment.

The process

Together, we will look at the triggers and your habits and the impact these are having on you.  We will then start to focus on what is needed instead  (calmer, relaxed etc) and how life will be different for you without so much anxiety.  How you will feel, what you will experience, see and hear.

If you are feeling particularly anxious or wound up we will start the session with some simple, effective, relaxation exercises.

I will share some techniques with you for managing your stress and, if you are comfortable with it, we start some 'brain/body resetting' using hypnotherapy.  Know that stress and anxiety are (unconsciously) learnt habits...and so they can be re-set!

I have a number of tools I can share to help you re-set.  Tools to help you build self awareness, to develop new habits, to tweak your behaviour and to start seeing things from a different perspective.

Check out my blog and Facebook page for tips and techniques on managing stress

Practical Stuff

I work from my purpose-built cabin on our property in rural Gladstone so you are in a safe, comfortable space.  No reception to have to wait in.  No busy office.

Cost is $110 per session (usually 60-90 mins).

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