Life coaching and hypnotherapy can help with any number of issues but in a nutshell, I help people get unstuck and get their lives back on track.

Some of the services I provide:

So, if you are feeling stuck, in whatever way; get in touch - what have you got to lose? Maybe self doubt, fear, anxiety, procrastination or a bad habit....imagine what life will be like when it's gone!

How it works

Initially we have a chat about what it is you want to achieve and what is going on for you.  This may be during an initial appointment, or, if you prefer, we can have a chat on the phone first.  Your choice. From here we agree on a course of therapy - this may be coaching, hypnosis or a combination.  Therapy can be in person if you are in the Canterbury area or it can be via Zoom/Skype.  Each therapy session lasts an hour and you receive a recording of any hypnosis done - or the whole session if you wish. 

The therapy I do is not counseling, although I do listen and ask questions to help me understand what is going on for you.  I teach techniques, dispel myths and provide you the tools to get the best from life. It is a partnership.  Usually it takes 2-3 sessions to get you back on track but I can also provide on-going coaching to help keep you focused, bed-in new habits and be an objective sounding-board.

What is hypnosis?

First of all, know that hypnosis is totally natural. We ALL go into a hypnotic state several times a day - those times when you are driving and suddenly become aware you have 'lost' a few kilometers; those times you are so engaged in what you are doing, you 'lose' time; and those movies that have you so absorbed that you find yourself feeling angry/sad/excited/joyful by the story and the actors. 

Clinical hypnosis is a process where I help you achieve that relaxed state that allows your subconscious mind to become more receptive. As a therapist, I am like your guide, getting you on the right path that much faster. However, you are still very much in control.  If I were to make a suggestion that you were not happy about, you would instantly snap out of the relaxed state - just like when you are driving and someone pulls out in front of you.

How does hypnosis work? 

It is calculated that 95% of why we think and behave as we do, is driven by the subconscious mind.  We don't consciously think about breathing do we? It just happens. How about yawning?  Why is it that we tend to yawn when we see someone else yawn?  It is similar to many of our thoughts and actions - they become hard wired in.  Something triggers a reaction - an emotional feeling and then a behaviour. Sometimes we are not even aware of the trigger but we change our emotional state for no apparent reason - maybe happy to stressed.

Also, the more we focus on something, they more likely it is to become our reality. Don't think of a purple, flying elephant.  Your focus is now on exactly that.  So, hypnosis helps you focus on what you DO want. To be smoke-free, to eat a healthy diet, to be calm and relaxed, to feel confident and in control, to get the book written....or whatever it is that you want. Beating yourself up every time you have a cigarette or eat the chocolate just keeps you stuck.

What is coaching?

I firmly believe everyone has the resources they need to achieve and succeed in whatever they want. However, these resources are often inaccessible due to unconscious fears, beliefs and habits.  Trying new things can be challenging, leaving your comfort zone can trigger all kinds of inner alarm bells. Coaching can be targeted to career, business or specific aspects or stages of your life.

Coaching can also help you focus on what is important and to overcome challenges and self doubt.  The process helps you find your 'true north'.  It is about setting priorities, goals and actions and reflecting on what works and what doesn't.

It is also provides accountability to keep you  in track.   As a coach, I provide a safe, non-judgemental sounding board and ask questions to help build self-awareness, clarify thinking and identify choices. 

Coaching is about helping people access their own resources.  Developing self awareness - values, beliefs, strengths, motivators. It is about asking challenging questions to help you gain clarity, and it is about setting and achieving personal and career goals.  It is also about providing a sounding board and objective feedback.

Please contact me if you want to explore coaching/hypnotherapy further and set up a complimentary consultation by phone or Skype.

The cost, after the complimentary consultation, is $110 per session.  How many sessions you will need will be jointly agreed.  It will depend on what you what you want to achieve and what needs changing.  If you want to see me as a couple the cost is $180 per session - but any hypnosis is likely to need individual sessions.