Dare to dream of a life filled with meaning and purpose......

Imagine a life where you feel calm, in control, happy.  A life of meaning and purpose.  It is possible. Choose living by design instead of living by default. If what you are currently doing isn't getting you the life you want; using coaching, hypnotherapy and planning tools, let me help you design the life you DO want. Create your blueprint and direction and create the life you want.

Without a clear focus on who you are and what you choose to have in your life, you are at the mercy of circumstances and events. Reacting to what life throws at you. It can feel overwhelming, as though the world is against you...going round in endless circles, feeling stuck, frustrated and stressed.

Setting your own direction and designing the life you want helps build resilience and immunity when things outside of your control happen.

You may want to be calmer and more content, to rid your self of negative thoughts and habits. You may want to be more motivated or increase your will power in order to manage your weight  or stop smoking. Or you may want tonremove fears/phobias that are getting in the way - maybe fear of public speaking, flying, dentistry, needles, spiders.....Hypnotherapy can be part of the Living by Design process or it can be stand alone.  Your choice, based on your needs.

Life designing works both for individuals and for couples.  It helps you set your 'true north' - the direction you want to head.  It helps achieve clarity and a feeling of control.  Coaching provides you objectivity, a sounding board and feedback, helping you achieve your goals.  You may need  career planning advice or be looking for retirement coaching  which are more specific 'living by design' services.  Life designing works well when you feel at a crossroads or in a rut  Read More

Hypnotherapy and NLP are really useful tools to help you 'reset' thoughts and habits.  For example, increasing your motivation levels, reducing stress and anxiety, removing phobias and fears (needles, dentist treatment, spiders, flying etc), changing your 'self talk'.  Like changing an 'app' to a new, more useful, hypnotherapy may work for you.  Read more.....

I aim to provide a safe, non-judgemental place to help you gain clarity and focus, to get you unstuck and see things from a different perspective.  I use a variety of tools and processes including coaching, life designing and planning, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (nlp), mindfulness, psychology and strategic planning.

The good news is that we can choose a different direction and consciously design the life we want.

To book an appointment please email Tracey now or phone/text 021 169 8080.  Please let me what time of day suits you best.  I do have a limited number of late afternoon and weekend appointment times available.


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