Weight management

Hypnotherapy can be very effective in your weight loss journey as well as managing food addictions (sugar, chocolate etc).  It helps you change your habits.  Helping you make healthier food choices.

We all know what we should and shouldn't eat.  Knowing it and actually doing it are quite different though.  Will power alone is often not enough.  Throw in stress and general life pressure and it can feel impossible. We know we should lose a few kilos and that we would feel so much better if we did...BUT.....

But you can't waste food
But I felt depressed and chocolate makes me feel better
But eating healthy food is so much more expensive
But I don't have time to make healthy stuff
But there is so much temptation
But I have a sweet tooth
But healthy food is yukky
But when I am on a diet I feel like I am starving

Some of these sound familiar?  Our associations and beliefs around food are pretty complex when you think about it.

  • You may want to lose weight because you want to look better, fit into the clothes in the back of your wardrobe.
  • You may want to lose weight to feel healthier or fitter.
  • Or it might be that your doctor has told you that you need to.
Chances are, you have tried a variety of diets in the past and, although you may have lost a few kilos - even reached your goals; when you went back to 'normal' eating, the weight crept back on.  There is also the whole concept of 'a diet' - depriving yourself of certain foods, feeling hungry all the time.

I can support and guide you in rewiring your habits and association with food, ensuring more sustainable changes happen.

Have you ever been at the supermarket and picked up a 10 kg bag of spuds or flour or something?  Think about carrying that sack with you all the time....it would feel pretty good to get rid of it wouldn't it?  Just imagine how much freerer and lighter it would feel.....

My approach is holistic - we look at your lifestyle, current eating habits, diets you have tried as well as beliefs around food.  We set goals - and this about how you want to look and feel, not necessarily numbers!  We create a compelling 'why-power' for you!  Hypnotherapy can work really well for helping you change eating habits.  If you need extra support, hypnotherapy and coaching together are really powerful!

Contact Tracey now if you want to book an appointment or find out she can help you. Or phone/text 021 169 8080. 

Please let me what time of day suits you best.  Mon - Fri, 9am-5pm, NZ time.  Appointments can be in person here in Waikuku, N Canterbury, or can be done via phone or Skype/Zoom.

Cost is $110 per session (usually 60 mins with initial session being 90 mins).

Tracey is a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist