Some of the reviews and endorsements I have received:

“life is absolutely fabulous thank you. I have met the love of my life and am getting married in September. My outlook on life is just the best, better than its ever been. I have so much confidence and yeah life is great. I listen to my dropbox [recording] once a week just to keep myself refreshed. These beautiful changes I have you to thank, my best decision ever.’

"I liked the calm, warm feeling I had, and the confidence I felt that this was helping me. Also that the things we discussed previously were going to be helped to fruition. I especially liked your delivery of the hypnotherapy"

"I enjoyed the meditative mindfulness approach. I was expecting less of this and more stage-centric hypnosis."

"Tracey made me feel very comfortable and at ease discussing my issues."

"Relaxing, time-out for yourself, comfortable environment, getting help dealing with an issue."

"Wasn't what I thought it would be and didn't have the exhausting effect I thought it would - in fact it was like it removed the clutter!!"

"I learnt so much during our preliminary consultation and feel confident that the hypnotherapy will consolidate and facilitate the fruition of goals and confidence. I felt very inspired and uplifted."

"The session has helped me to be more mindful of my eating and evaluating myself"

"I found the two sessions with Tracey extremely beneficial. I came hoping to achieve some confidence in my area of work, and left with increased clarity of my present situation, options for my way forward, how to achieve this and how to address any problematic areas. This was far more than i was expecting. I have also learnt the benefit of professional help rather than struggle on alone and I know without question I would come back for more help when needed. I believe the hypnotherapy was very reinforcing which was evident in the platform work I have done since"

"Tracey was absolutely great and I just need to continue to listen to my recording. Thank you Tracey xx"