Hypnotherapy to help you quit smoking

Do you smoke and have tried several times to stop but just don't seem able to kick the habit? Do you really want to be smoke-free? To give up cigarettes for good. To quit smoking. To be able to say "I am a non-smoker", "I don't smoke'?  Imagine what your life would be like as a non-smoker....

Hypnosis might be just the added tool you are looking for to kick your smoking habit for good.  Hypnosis gives you that extra support and helps you manage your cravings.

Just think, if you smoke 4 packets of cigarettes a week it is costing you nearly $8,000 per year! If you smoke a packet a day it is closer to $13,600 per year.....

All that money, literally up in smoke! Think about what you could do with that money if you were a non-smoker.....

Hypnotherapy is proven to be very effective in helping you quit smoking.  It works on your subconscious mind, helping you rewire your brain to what you want.

It's like taking out the old 'smoker app' and replacing it with the new 'non-smoker app'.

Chances are, that if you have smoked for a few years you have tried to stop in the past.  Maybe you were smoke-free for a few months but then something happened and you started smoking again.

You may hold the belief that you can't give up...but think about, you are not smoking ALL the time are you?  So there are already times when you ARE a non-smoker...it is just a case of keeping those times going.

I take a holistic approach to supporting someone in becoming smoke-free.  We look at beliefs, triggers, lifestyle as well as the habit.  Smoking is not, in fact, as 'addictive' as some think it is....but often the habit is deeply wired in.  The good news is that you CAN rewire new habits.

I help you to look at the connections you have unconsciously developed with smoking and the triggers and support in you seeing yourself in a new way - as someone who used to smoke.  Someone who is now a non-smoker. 

Hypnotherapy is by no means a 'silver bullet' and I do not offer a 100% guarantee that you will immediately stop but I do offer 100% commitment to support you....and be aware, YOU will be doing the work - but I will be there giving you the tools and support to make the change so much easier than doing it be yourself.

Are you ready to start your journey to become someone who used to smoke?  Contact Tracey now for an appointment.


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