HR/Leadership Coaching

HR and leadership coaching for engagement, productivity and performance improvement - both for you and your team.

Having a coach provides you with a sounding board, someone with no agenda other than to help you establish and achieve the goals that are important to you; as well someone to help you reflect on what works and what may need changing.
A leadership coach can help you to grow and develop in the direction you want to. HR coaching provides you with the sounding board and support to ensure your team is fully engaged and productive as possible.  Instead of spending your time putting out fires, prevent them starting in the first place.
It is a little bit like getting out of the jungle and climbing a tree.  Being able to see the horizon and identifying the best direction forward, whilst reviewing and refining the route.
With a background in HR and organisational development, Tracey can also support you in people leadership, helping you to create and maintain a high performing team.  She has been in leadership roles as well as governance position so she knows how challenging it can be.  She is also an experienced facilitator and presenter so can assist with running planning and strategy sessions - found out more.
Tracey is a qualified Retirement Coach and can run in-house workshops for your staff as part of a Wellness programme - more on the "Age With Attitude" workshop here.
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