Retirement Life Planning

The ‘Age With Attitude’ workshop is about planning for life after the traditional 'career years'; the time that used to be referred to as 'retirement'. The things that will provide meaning and  purpose, a plan for what you want to do, how you want to spend your time and what you need to do to ensure it all happens!  Traditionally, 'retirement' planning covers financial planning only - but this is only a small part of the picture.  After all, it may be 30-plus years of your life!

Over the twentieth century a three stage structure of life emerged - education, career, retirement.  Now that life expectancy has increased it can often feel quite daunting - will the finances stretch to have a 'good' retirement - and what will you do with all the extra years?  This presents an opportunity to plan your life quite differently!

Providing facts and challenging some dated beliefs, the workshop is designed to get participants thinking differently about life-after-60. The workshop covers areas such as career and work, health and wellness, finances, family and relationships, leisure and social and personal development. The workshop culminates with action planning and developing a life ‘vision’ – how you want your life to be.  It is much like the 'living by design' process but with the addition of some food for thought for those planning for life beyond full-time employment.  Potentially more leisure time and less disposable dollars!

“Life is not measured by the number in your bank account, but the memories you create. Therefore, focus on how your finances can maximize your life, not the other way around,”

The workshop is run over a day (or two half days) and participants are provided with both a workbook and an ‘e-reference book’ for future reference. The workshop is highly interactive and action-orientated.

This workshop can be run in-house for organisations who value their staff.

As an organisation, you may already be experiencing difficulties sourcing and recruiting skilled employees…..this is likely to get even more challenging in the future. Many organisations have aging workforces which is likely to create significant skill shortages and knowledge gaps if everyone chooses to retire at the traditional age. Perfect for organisations who value their staff, this ‘retirement planning’ workshop not only assists with staff retention and engagement but helps staff gain clarity, control and focus for their future.

Practical Stuff

This is a workshop that is approximately 6-8 hours in length but this can be broken down into two or more sessions if needed.  It can also be tailored for individuals or couples.

For organisations this course can be run anywhere in NZ for up to 20 people,price available on inquiry.