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  • Personal beliefs
    Beliefs drive out reactions to situations and they guide us through life. Our beliefs, however, are not always constructive or useful to us. Often, when we are very young we form unconscious beliefs through observation and experience - eg,"I am unlovable", "I am stupid", "I am clumsy". As small children these observations are likely to be wrong but we internalise them as facts - and then they become self-fulfilling. We can, however, change these beliefs!
    Posted: Wednesday 19 October 2022
  • Often we know what we want and how we want to change but actually making the change can be REALLY difficult! Exercising more, stopping self sabotage, eating healthy, becoming calmer are some of the goals people set themselves but will power is not helpful! This is a really good article from Ari Yeganeh on why willpower alone doesn't work and what you can do about it
    Posted: Monday 31 January 2022