Building Self Confidence

You know how easy it is to constantly beat yourself up, to say no to opportunities and self-sabotage? Not feeling good enough or worthy, believing you're stupid or that you will stuff it up, again? For others it might be working long hours to ensure you get things 100% perfect and don’t let anybody down.

Over the years I have met many wonderful, talented people - only they didn't see themselves that way.    This held them back and stopped them feeling happiness and satisfaction.  There was so much self-doubt and worry. Such a huge waste of a life, all they needed was to see themselves in  a different light the way others saw them.


What is confidence?  It is about truly knowing yourself - your skills, abilities, personality traits and motivators. 

We are each of us unique AND we ALL have wonderful talents. To me, it is about feeling ‘good enough’.  To be able to celebrate your successes and to accept yourself as you are. 


Self confidence is about backing yourself and staying on course to what you want.  Other people may not always support you or understand you – and, when you feel confident, that is OK – you know you don’t need to do things just to please others. It is also about being OK to taking a risk, giving it a go and learning from it even when things do not go quite right.  This is how we grow, it is NOT failure.

Believe in yourself.  You are worth it.

My mother was a great inspiration to me.  She left school with few qualifications, but she went to college when I was young and got herself a job as a legal secretary and then as an accountant - not that she was a qualified accountant but she was a wiz at helping small businesses get their finances in order.

She often told me that she "found my mouth saying yes to a job that I have no idea how to do" - she always found a way.


Basically if you think you can, you are much more likely to succeed - and you can't as such, fail.  You might not always achieve as much as you wanted and it might not be perfect, but you tried - and you learnt.

Dare to dream! Then plan it, then do it!


Posted: Wednesday 29 June 2022