Re-setting from stressed to relaxed

Modern life can often be exhausting and stressful.  It can be difficult to switch off and the more we try, the worse it gets. Worrying about what might go wrong, feelings of impending doom or a constant monologue from our 'internal critic' telling us what we are doing wrong or what disaster might happen.  This can impact on sleep, our physical health and on relationships.  Ultimately, it can lead to burn-out. It is really not surprising that so many of us get caught in the stress-trap. Covid,  financial insecurity, floods and other natural disasters are all things we have had to deal with - on top of everything else.  Even the strongest of us, sometimes needs to press 're-set'.

Stress is not just 'in your mind'.  It is part of a circuit....something will trigger the 'this is not safe' may not even be consciously aware this is happening.  Next, you feel tense and 'those' feelings start to intensify, which triggers more worry and so it goes on.

Know that stress and anxiety are (unconsciously) learnt habits...and so they can be re-set.  I have a number of tools and techniques I can share to help you re-set and increase resilience.  Tools to help you build self awareness, to develop new habits to better insulate you from life's pressures and to break the stress circuit.

The process

Together, we will explore the potential triggers, your habits and the impact these are having on you.  We will then start to focus on what is needed instead  (calmer, relaxed etc) and how life will be different for you without so much anxiety.

I will share with you some techniques and tools that will help you and that you can take away with you to start using.

If you are feeling particularly anxious or wound up we will start the first session with some simple, effective, relaxation exercises.

In follow up sessions we will continue to build a new toolbox for you – one for effectively managing stress, anxiety and chronic worrying.

To book an appointment please email Tracey now or phone/text 021 169 8080.

Posted: Tuesday 28 June 2022